Saturday, August 16, 2008

THANK YOU - MERCI “A Midsummer Music Dream/ Songe d’été en musique”

To all of you!! Thanks for making our 3rd year so successful. The concerts were terrific and we all had a wonderful time. Though the weather didn't cooperate (it rained for a week!), it didn't dampen the spirit of what makes this event so special for us. 

Plans are already underway for next year. There are possibilities we will have a baroque string camp as well as a community chorus. We are growing, but not too big!!!

From Kathy, Pat and Harris, we want to thank all the people who make it possible for us to do this:

First, a very special thank you to Pauline Jobin of Moulin Bernier. Pauline is our tireless team leader who feeds us her ideas, vision and passion for the arts. We could not function without her! Merci Pauline!!

Thank you Karen Davis, Nina & Dave Krebs, Saskia Witté, Tom Heneghan & Elisabeth Auvillain and Anne Dubé.  


  • for Lambton: Pierrette Marseau
  • for St-Honoré: Jacqueline Ferland
  • for La Guadeloupe: Mike Roy
  • for Lac-Drolet: Michel Fortin

  • Thanks also to Claude and Cécile Goulet for their hospitality as well as Pierre Étienne Bizier and Renée Mathieu. All the folks in the venues that we play, Lambton, Lac-Drolet, La Guadeloupe, St-Honoré and of course, Courcelles. Thanks to Gina and Gilles at Auberge Andromède for always making us feel welcome; to Florendo and Pascale at the Casa Deli who keep their wonderful restaurant open all hours for us for post concert dining. Also, a very special thanks to our dear friend Gervais Lapointe. Gervais helps us with so many things, most notably translations and helping always to see that we have all that we need. 

    Finally, thanks to our wonderful performers this year, Barbara Fusco, Valérie Bélanger, Dale Stuckenbruck, Laura Lessard, Kenta & Kota Nomura, Roxanne & Katherine Bilodeau. Special thanks to Jérôme Ducharme for his wonderful concert and participation in our last event. Jérôme, I still cannot believe you drove back from Montreal to be with us again. You were terrific!!

    Next years dates have already been set. We will have the 4th Annual Festival from Aug. 3-9, 2009.  We look forward to many new friends and time spent making music. Check our web site for any new details:

    With Love and Peace,

    Pat, Kathy and Harris

    ps...Nina...thanks for the lovely photos!!!