Monday, September 29, 2008

BaroQue Across the River- a hit at the GEMS Festival

from the NY TIMES...September 30, 2008 - BaroQue Across the River, a Brooklyn group, opened the concert with two elegant French cantatas — Rameau’s “Impatience” and Montéclair’s “Ariane et Bacchus” — to which Michèle Eaton brought a sumptuous tone, a keen dramatic sense and striking agility in the ornamental vocal scoring.

Kathy McDonald contributed the appealing flute obbligato in the Montéclair, and Arthur Haas, harpsichordist, and Martha McGaughey, on viola da gamba, kept the continuo parts lively and vital.

Congratulations to Kathy, Michèle, Arthur and Martha for a job well done. It was a beautiful concert and the praise was well-deserved. Suzanne Bona, the host of "Sunday Baroque", (seen here with Kathy) emceed the event and did the unimaginable - she was able to get classical musicians to talk about what they do in an intelligent and meaningful fashion!! No small feat, Suzanne!! Thanks to Ron Hatem for the great photos.


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